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ESTRO Physics Workshop on Science and Development

Vom 25.-26.10.2019 findet in Budapest der "ESTRO Physics Workshop on Science and Development" statt. Es stehen noch freie Plätze zur Verfügung.


We would like to inform you that the early registration fee is now valid till the close of registrations on 17 October for the third ESTRO physics workshop on Science and Development taking place 25-26 October in Budapest (Hungary). This is an opportunity for your members to still register for the workshop in case they have not done so yet.

Your members are welcome to register to one of the five topics that will be covered:
 1. Computational methods for clinical target volume definition
     Chairs: Jan Unkelbach & Ben Heijmen
 2.  Multi-source data fusion for decision support systems in radiation oncology: opportunities, methodologies, standardizations and clinical translation    
      Chairs: Alberto Traverso & Kathrine Røe Redalen
 3.  Implementation/commissioning/QA of artificial intelligence techniques
      Chairs: Wouter van Elmpt & Dirk Verellen
 4.  Clinical applications and quality assurance of surface guided radiation therapy (In collaboration with AAPM)
      Chairs: Vania Batista & Hania Al-Hallaq
 5.  Plan Quality assessment: dose distribution and robustness metrics  
      Chairs: Christian Rønn Hansen & Lamberto Widesott

In this two-day workshop the focus will be on open discussions in small groups and plenary debates rather than on unidirectional presentations in conference style. Hence, active participation is crucial. The number of participants is limitedto about 40/topic, including participants from industry who should also actively participate in the discussions.

The aims of the event are to:
- Promote collaboration between participants
- Review and achieve consensus on the current status and current needs within a topic
- Define actions points that could push the whole field forward
- Ultimately stimulate collaboration
- Draft a summary paper on the outcomes

Registration and more details on the workshop: https://www.estro.org/Workshops/2019/Physics/3RD-ESTRO-PHYSICS-WORKSHOP-SCIENCE-IN-DEVELOPMENT

It is obligatory for all participants to complete a short survey in parallel to registration: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DX6GJ7Q