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Das Projekt ENEN+ wurde bis zum 30. September 2021 verlängert

Durch die Corona-Pandemie konnte das ENEN+-Projekt in diesem Jahr nicht wie geplant durchgeführt werden. Das Projekt beinhaltet in erster Linie Mobilitätsstipendien im Bereich der nuklearen Sicherheit. Das Projekt wurde bis zum bis zum 30. September 2021 verlängert.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie weiter unten.


Dear users of the ENEN+ mobility application portal,

this is to inform you that the ENEN+ project has been extended until Sept 30, 2021. This also allows for one more year to perform the ENEN+ mobility activities.

As you may know, we have already committed all funding available to the activities proposed and accepted nearly one year ago. Those were in part obstructed or delayed or by the COVID-19 pandemic.

At this point in time, we will start proceeding with the applications that were already accepted and frozen. A fast track will be open until November 30, 2020. You only need to send an email to secretariat@enen.eu with the following data (1) Your application ID, (2) Description of your situation and intentions and (3) Proof that the same original action your grant was approved for is reorganized but on delayed dates and before September 2021. This fast track approach also applies to those who returned the already paid mobility grants to ENEN.

Please note that the fast track is only possible with a delayed activity: the work plan, the host institution and the number of days spent at host institution can not be changed. Also, the ENEN+ mobility grants require cross-border travel: virtual events can therefore unfortunatley not be supported. Further details are available at http://plus.enen.eu

The budget for the mobility grants will be reevaluated in December 2020. If possible, new call(s) for proposals will be open before the end of 2020 with the tentative submission deadline on January 31, 2020.