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Dezember-Newsletter der IOMP erschienen

Der Dezember-Newsletter der IOMP kann auf den Seiten der IMOP heruntergeladen werden.


The December 2020 issue of IOMP Medical Physics World is now available online!


2020 has been a difficult year for all of us but despite all the hardship we are proud to present you another issue rich in content and with a very strong forward looking statement.

This is one of the largest issues of Medical Physics World presenting IOMP ExCom reports, detailed IDMP reports, IUPESM related publications and important announcements.

IDMP 2020 has been a great success and therefore MPW’s cover is dedicated to all of you who celebrated IDMP despite all the difficulties. Please refer to the IDMP report also for the official announcement of the IDMP 2021 theme.

It is my pleasure to congratulate the IUPAP and IDMP awardees, as well the IUPEM Fellows.
As the year end approaches we are at the edge of another challenging year. Medical Physics World has great plans for 2021 which we hope will bring us even closer to you, our readers, with the latest updates from IOMP, our partnering organizations and last but not least our worldwide professional community.

And finally let me wish all of you a Happy Holiday Season, a Healthy and Prosperous New year 2021!

Magdalena Stoeva
IOMP Medical Physics World