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EFOMP - 8. Fotowettbewerb

Die EFOMP hat einen Fotowettbewerb ins Leben gerufen. Die achte Runde des Wettbewerbs widmet sich dem Thema: "Spring scenes". Beiträge können bis zum 31.07.2021 bei der EFOMP eingereicht werden.

Weitere Infos: https://www.efomp.org/index.php?r=news/view&id=234

The Communications and Publications committee hereby announces the 8th EMPNews photo contest. The reward for the best three photos will be their publication in the corresponding issue of EMP News in a high-quality graphical section, together with information about the author.

Winning photos will also be published on EFOMP webpage and through social media. Non-winning photos can be published in a dedicated section of the EFOMP webpage.

The 8th round of the contest is now open with the specific topic: “Spring scenes”.

Please follow www.efomp.org for the future announcements, read EFOMP photo contest terms and conditions and send your photos and accompanying documents to pubcommittee@efomp.org (stating PHOTOCONTEST in the subject).

The deadline for this round is 31st July 2021.

We are looking forward your creative photos!

Winning photographs from our EFOMP Photo Contest which ran during 2020 are presented in the EFOMP - 2021 Photo calendar.