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COMULIS School on "Radiomics and AI for Molecular Medicine"

The second School on “Radiomics and AI for Molecular Medicine” will be held from October 11th to 13th, 2021. The school will be hybrid and streamed from the studio of the Medical University of Vienna. In addition, this event will be supported by COST Action “COMULIS”. We offer registration for on-site and virtual participants. The school will entail presentations and hands-on and leave ample space for Q&A.

Building on the 2020 School, it will first rehearse the basics of Radiomics and AI before giving the floor to expanded perspectives on data curation, pre-processing, concepts of machine learning and model validation. The theoretical perspectives will be embraced by statements on pre-/clinical use-cases. Hands-on sessions will address various open-source and zero-code, minimum-tune solutions for radiomics and machine learning.

Our faculty is composed of international experts in the fields of molecular imaging, computer sciences and AI. The number of on-site and remote attendees is limited to 20 and 100, respectively. Training fees for all fellows are 150 EUR for academic external delegates and 250 EUR for delegates from industry. A limited number of COMULIS grants is available for ESR.

COMULIS (Correlated Multimodal Imaging in Life Sciences) is an EU-funded COST Action that aims at fueling urgently needed collaborations in the field of correlated multimodal imaging, promoting and disseminating its benefits through showcase pipelines, and paving the way for its technological advancement and implementation as a versatile tool in biological and preclinical research.

More information: https://www.comulis.eu/training-school-radiomics-and-ai