Herzlich Willkommen bei der DGMP

Die DGMP ist die deutsche wissenschaftliche Fachgesellschaft für Medizinische Physik.  Aufgaben und Ziele

Deutsche Gesellschaft für
Medizinische Physik e.V.

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4th ECMP 2022 in Dublin - Registrierungen noch möglich

Der 4. European Congress of Medical Physics findet im St Patrick's Campus DCU, Dublin vom 17. - 20. August 2022 statt. Registrierungen sind noch möglich.

The Scientific Committee has put together a wonderful programme to share novel research ideas, experiences and teachings.

We now would like to take the opportunity to let you know about our exciting and experiential social programme!

If you have not booked your tickets yet, you can do so by clicking on the links below. In order to comply with ethical standards from MedTech Europe we must charge a separate fee for all live music concerts and sporting events. Therefore none of the social events below are covered by the registration fee (unless otherwise stated) and what we consider good value fees are charged separately for each event through the Eventbrite portal.

You can find more information below and on our website: https://www.ecmp2022.org/social-programme