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Collaboration with the AAPM on X-Ray based Adaptive Radiotherapy

Für die Kooperation zwischen EFOMP und AAPM für die Arbeitsgruppe "X-Ray based Adaptive RT: Guidelines for quality assurance and clinical implementation" werden insbesondere Europäische Anwender:innen für die Mitarbeit gesucht. Interessierte können sich direkt bei der EFOMP wenden.


There is a potential collaboration with AAPM on a joint Task Group “X-Ray based Adaptive RT: Guidelines for quality assurance and clinical implementation”. The chair is Dennis N. Stanley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology/ Medical Physics, University of Alabama.

Official Charge(s) of the Group:

  1. Describe x-ray based online adaptive radiotherapy (XART) and currently available technologies
  2. Describe the clinical resources, staffing, tools, skills and necessary training for the implementation of an XART program.
  3. Provide recommendations for acceptance, commissioning, and quality assurance for XART quality management
  4. Provide recommendations on XART clinical implementation, workflows, disease site-specific considerations, treatment planning, and intra-fraction motion management.

The chair and cochairs of this Group are looking for a couple of European users that would be interested in participating in the effort and can be added to the group as part of the AAPM-EFOMP collaboration. European users should have experience with kV-based Online adaptive RT.  For this reason, candidates should mention in their CVs the equipment - type (eg MR linac VIEWRAY/ELEKTA.., VARIAN Ethos..) in their clinic and years of their involvement with XART. The members will be selected by the WG based on their CVs and the needs of the Group.

Please distribute this notification to your members. Interested persons can send their CV to secretary@efomp.org. Deadline : 20th of March 2023.