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ESR event "connAction – Radiology Connecting Disciplines"

Der ESR free online event "connAction - Radiology Connecting Disciplines" findet statt am 1. und 2. Juni 2023. Es können 15 CME angerechnet werden.

connAction is about implementing what we have learnt and translating theory into real action. It is about establishing multidisciplinary practice as a standard in our field, enabling us to deliver the best care for the benefit of the patient.

This event has been designed to provide you with real examples of what can be achieved when radiologists work in synergy with their partners physicians. Together, we will find medical solutions that may not have been visible before. You will come away from connAction with clear recommendations for clinical practice and directions for the future.

Die Registrierung kann unter dem folgenden Link erfolgen: https://connect.myesr.org/connaction/

Nähere Inforamtionen finden Sie unter https://connect.myesr.org/connaction/